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My name is Nnamdi D. Nwaru. I was born into the family of Mr. Daniel Nwaru.
Collectively, we are eight in number including my Dad and Mom in my family. I have a sibling and four girls; I am the fifth child of my father. God created me into this family for a purpose. Every man has a reason why God created him; and at the same time, every man has an assignment and purpose. As for me, I must complete mine before evacuating this world, no stone shall be left on turn, my vision and every other thing about me shall be accomplished.

Life wasn't easy for me. In 1995 going to school was a great problem,  

In this my site, I will like to explicit the meaning of my name. NNAMDI is an Igbo name, in English translation it means My God Lives.

N: NO weapon formed against me shall prosper
(Is. 54:17).

N: I shall anchor my peace, because I shall
not NEED to fight in this battle
(2 Chron. 20:17); my God shall supply all
my NEED (Phillip. 4:19).

A: AMEN means let it be so (Deu. 27:26), and I
shall say (decree) a thing and it shall
come to pass (Job 22:28).

M: MOSES kept the commandments of God, so
shall I keep mine.

D: Your DREAMS shall come to pass, and your
DESIRES shall be granted (Remember

I: I know the thought I have 4 U, thought of
good, and not evil, to give you you're
expected end (Jere. 29:11).


According to the bible, when Jesus was making his final trip to Jerusalem before His death on the cross. Bartimaeus, the blind beggar had knowledge that Jesus was passing by.

What do I mean by knowledge in this context? It implies that Bartimaeus, the son of Temaeus was conscious, aware, and knew very well that Jesus, the son of Joseph was passing by. He had that knowledge in other to convalesce back his sight. He needed nobody to tell him that Jesus was passing. He really didn’t want anybody to distract him from recuperating his sight. Even when there was great distraction, hindrances, when men tried to stop him, he rejected and persevere shouting the more because of that knowledge.

What are we seeing in the church of Jesus today? For instance, cases are bound where a young devoted boy who is dedicated and diligently willing to do exploit for Jesus somehow tries to be distracted and discouraged by some so-called elders in the church instead of the spiritual assistance he needed from them. I can still recollect what happened few years ago in the church. There is this great evangelist. To be candid, God has been using him mightily to deliver his people. But a day came that the former reverend under whose leadership the said evangelist was, had to be transferred to another branch for a new reverend to come in. Meanwhile, little did the prayer team where the evangelist is the president know their long built prayer team was going to be kicked against by the incoming reverend for no just course. The new reverend had to restrict the team from their generic operations in the church to the extent that the young evangelist was denied his ministerial work to becoming a complete adherent to the reverend even to the detriment of the entire prayer team. What is the church turning into? Should one say a military dispensation, or political autocracy? What a shame to Christendom!

Do you have that kind of knowledge Bartimaeus had? I wish you could really have that kind of knowledge and know when Christ is passing in your life, so that he will stop for you as he stopped for Bartimaeus.

It was a shout and a believe that made him regained his sight. If Bartimaeus had refused to shout do you know what would have happened to him? He would have remained a blind person all the days of his life.

When Bartimaeus was bellowing, calling on Jesus the son of David to have mercy on him (or stop for him) and make him regain his sight, the bible says that the multitude said all manner of words and tried to deny him of his miracle. But he (Bartimaeus) knowing fully well what exactly he needed did not listened to them but rather screamed the more.

Before his miracle took place, the bible says that Jesus heard his cry and called him. He jumped up and left his mantle.

What does that mantle mean in this context? It connotes that he left his colleagues who were also blind, who had not the kind of faith he had, who do spread their coat on the road, so that those who passed by could lay alms on it. It also means that he forgot his family, friends, predicament, and was after that miracle.

I began to imagine today most people who called themselves believers, who are mountain movers, will be in the presence of God and are after their predicaments. I am not only talking to the believers alone, but I am also referring to pastors, reverend, bishops, deacons and deaconesses they are not an exception. You know, today, when you talk about believers, some pastors try to exempt themselves thinking you are referring to the members of the church.

Nonetheless, I also began to imagine this character in Mark gospel chapter 10:46-52 who had never seen since he was born jumped up and never minding where he was going to land. I think that was a great faith, I which you could buy or exercise that quality. Buy and keep, and not to sale it. Many gifts have been sold away, and many people who are desirous to have them bought for themselves. Don’t sell yours!

I would like to say something here. Many problems have swallowed many people just because of the fact they could not squeal and have that kind of Bartimaeus’ faith.

You grow spiritual and physical and matured when you are faced with insuperable problems. Like in the case of Bartimaeus, he became matured after he was touched by Jesus, and it was at that time he knew your problem is your breakthrough; and grew spiritual by following Jesus Christ immediately he regained his sight.

There are families who are discouraged and frustrated just because of undefeated problems in their lives. In this context, I would like to admonish you never to give up in your faith, like Bartimaeus, Jesus is on your way today.   

Candidly, I don’t know in life, you may have been offended, disappointed, abused or perhaps being denied of your miracle that was before you just because you pay the price of listening to men, or was distracted one way or the other.

The greater the mountain the more glory you have in surmounting you problems - Rod Parsley. That is to say, that there was insurmountable problem before Bartimaeus, but the presence of Jesus made him to overcome that insurmountable blindness.

Jesus did not go through that way just Bartimaues was there but to see how gorgeous this young man could exercise his faith. He passed there just for the sake of Bartimaues. He knew very well that someone has been staying beside the pool of Bethesda, because our God is a spirit, he knows all. He passed to see how Bartimaues could exercise his faith, and it was very flabbergast and interesting to know how blind Bartimaeus regained back his sight. I think this lesson, in summary passes a message that faith without work is more likened to mere wishes.   

In saying glory, adoration, majesty, supremacy, exaltation, glorification, veneration, praise, worship, thanks, honour, be given unto ubiquitous (omnipresent) God for giving us His son Jesus Christ, who came to preach peace to us and not to annihilate us, and saved us from every snare and wickedness of the devil. Hallelujah!


v     What you hear determines how you think. How you think determines how you behave. How you behave determines what you become in life - Oyedepo

v     Always pay the price to listen to God rather than man - Nnamdi Daniel

v     Never be deterred by your colleagues - Nnamdi Daniel

v     A man with vision is a man of foresight

v     You grow spiritual and physical and matured when you're faced with problems

v     Build up a strong faith, lest you perish with your problem - Nnamdi Daniel

v     Thank God for every problem that comes, it is a way to your breakthrough - Nnamdi

v     Know when Jesus is passing in your life lest he go with your miracle - Nnamdi

v     Never keep a company that will cause you to explore instead of exploiting - Nnamdi

v     Move from inertia to success - Nnamdi Daniel

v     Beware of vision assassinators - Nnamdi Daniel

v     The more the mountain the more glory you have in surmounting your problems- Rod Parsley

Compiled by - Nnamdi Nwaru





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